Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Forced Breather

Hi everyone what a day I have had.  Last night my dog Sammy skidded across the floor of my sewing area and got himself under my sewing table.  He got a bit of a fright and charged out again taking both my beloved Bernina machines with him.  Thankfully Sammy was completely unhurt but both sewing machines are broken and will need to be repaired or replaced. This is going to coast thousands.  Normally this wood be a costly headache in Scotland where I had my trusty sewing engineer that I could send my machines to in Edinburgh but here in Guernsey it is turning into a logistical nightmare.  There is no reliable sewing machine engineer on the island and so I have to take the machines on the 3 hour ferry myself to the nearest bernina engineer and then collect them when they are fixed. So that's 4 x 3hs on the boat plus driving.   I have been exploring other options regarding borrowing a machine or indeed buying a very cheap and nasty machine, neither of these options are goers.  So as of the moment until I can sort this big mess out ( this may take a while) I will only be selling what I have in stock.

Hope you are all having a better day than me.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Missing craft fairs

I am missing filling in my application forms for all the fairs and events I normally take part in. There is nothing like the face to face contact you get with customers.  Where they can look and feel your products, talk to you about the creative process and give you feedback. I always learn so much at these events. I don't think Guernsey has any substantial craft fairs.  I have been considering doing the Country Living fair  ( I have done the Scottish fair which was wonderful but really exhausting) )but it is a logistical nightmare getting that much stock across to the mainland that I am not sure.  What should I do?

This is my stall at the Cancer Research fair at Scone Palace, it's a wonderful venue.

And here I am at a fair in Tayport.  

Monday, 4 February 2013

Latest Custom Quilt

Hi everyone its Monday again where did the weekend go?  in fact where did today go?  Quilting projects have taken over my order book at the moment.  I love the whole process from choosing the fabrics and pattern to hand stitching on the binding and everything in between ( except basting).
I thought now that I have shown my customer her quilt and she is delighted I can share some photos with you.  This quilt is a twin size I was a little daunted about the size but I just paced myself and it came together not to badly.
What have you been making, sewing, cooking?