Thursday, 22 March 2012

Long walks and big steps

Hi all I have been up since 5.15 this morning but the sunshine is so gorgeous I wouldn't have it any other way. Sammy and I have been on our early morning jaunt, we saw a roe deer ( we see him every morning) and our first baby lambs of the year. Sammy has been taking a reserved interest in the field of expectant ewes for the last couple of weeks and this morning we were delighted to see two gorgeous little lamb twins snuggled up with mum. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area.
Can you believe we are almost in April the year has flown by and Easter is nearly upon us. My eldest will be starting High school after the summer break and so the last term of P7 will be spent in preparation for the transfer. Everything is going at a hundred miles an hour. I am so aware of this big step that I am trying to savour the time. We talked about year books and end of term dances (I might have a dress to make for this) and also how she feels about moving on. I think its me that needs more preparation than she does.
Is it Spring where you are I do hope so.
Happy Thursday

Monday, 19 March 2012

Lego wallets

Hello all let me introduce my all new lego wallet. I made this for my boys ( I will be adding it to their Easter baskets) they just love lego both the figures and the bricks and so to allow us to take some with us when we are out and about waiting for their sisters to finish dance class or when we are in the car. This is what I came up with. I have also added an extra pocket to store playing cards as my youngest loves snap. The older is into swap cards so these can be stored in there also. I am really pleased how it turned out and can't wait to see their reaction. I have listed one in my shop to test the water and if all goes well I would like to make quite a few more.
What have you been making for easter?
Happy Monday

Friday, 16 March 2012

Cat in the Hat Stockings

I know it's March and that spring is finally showing herself but guess what I am up to my eyes in? Cat in the Hat Christmas stockings. Crazy isn't it. I have a big order for these cuties to make for a Spanish shop that will open in the late summer early autumn. I posted a comment on my facebook page the other day and within no time at all I had several requests for more. So I might open things up a bit and make even more once I get on with these ones. I have also been busy with some little Easter gifts for my girls more on that nearer the time. I wouldn't want to spoil any surprise. I have to get back to finishing cutting, my floor looks well I can't actually see my floor under the sea of clippings I think it's going to be another late night.
Happy weekend. P.S if you would like to order your own cat in the hat stocking or maybe a different design just give me an email.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Week so Far

Hello all how are you? I have had another action packed week. The milder weather has been wonderful I have had my washing out on the line several times this week, it smells so lovely. My Daffs are out and Puppy walking is going great. Sammy is loving his exercise, the only draw back is that he is a car chaser I think it's inbuilt in a Border collie. Once we are in the park or out in the fields he is really relaxed. I am soo lucky where I live and Sammy has an abundance of routes.
Sewing wise this week has been super fun I have been working with some gorgeous shops since the New Year and I am already getting repeat orders from several. I can't quite believe that so many of them have sold out by the end of February but I am not complaining. I have also been working on some new product designs and trying to get a few hours in on a large quilt I am working on.

Allotment news now, I hope I am not jumping the gun but my early potatoes have been planted the soil was so warm I had put some fleece down a couple of weeks ago and it seems to have given them a little extra help. I have dug over 2 other small beds and have my plan sorted as to what I am going to try and grow and where I will plant it.
So all in all a really fast paced week. What have you been up to this week.?

Sammy wanted to help change the sheets on the bed.

Some of the new goodies that have been added to the shop this week.