Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Personalised gifts

Good morning all I thought I would show you a little gift I have been working on this morning. Its one of my quilted crayon rolls with a twist. I have appliqued on the lucky recipients name on to the outside. Adding a name would also be great on one of my bamboo blankets makes it extra special and unique. I just need a name. Anyone got any ideas?

Happy Tuesday

Monday, 30 May 2011

Royal Highland Show booth Setup.

Today the Highland Show is on my mind, has been for a long time. I have been trying out ideas for my booth setup. I am getting closer to what I want but not quite there yet. Just when you think you have a solution you find another problem. so with only 3 weeks to go I am still pretty uneasy about all my last minute changes. Fingers crossed it will be alright on the night.
Happy Monday.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Crafters and Makers Market.

Well yesterday I was at the Crafters and Makers Market. We were so lucky with the weather as it stayed mostly dry with a few spots of rain. I know we were inside but if its blowing a gale nobody wants to come out. The venue was bright and airy and well sign posted. We had gorgeous cakes, soup and sandwiches available to keep us crafters going. There was a steady flow of customers and everyone seemed to be having a good time. I had a lovely customer come to the market especially to by some goodies from me, I love it when that happens so flattering but also shows that word is spreading which is always a major problem for small start up businesses. So all in all a good day. Now apart from finishing up a major order and going to a playgroup. I am firmly getting me head down for the Royal highland show and the scone game fair. I have a massive amount of work to do.

Happy Sunday.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Teachers Gifts Part 1

Hello all. What a week its been and the weekend looks equally hectic. I have been inundated with orders for all sorts of goodies, from lunch bags to bibs to crayon rolls. It has been all go. In the middle of it all I have been starting to organise my end of term teachers gifts. I have a large pool of teachers to thanks, each and everyone of them have been wonderful I can't praise them enough.
I like to give handmade gifts its a way of appreciating the time they put into my children. I know most people do shop bought we are all so busy. But time is such a precious thing and teachers give so much.
So this years I have made a huge batch of tomato ketchup to start with. I have also been making some of my bamboo eco facial pads. I will keep you in the loop with other gifts I have been rustling up. With some pics if I have time.
Happy Friday.

P.S Please remember that I am doing the Crafters Makers fair on Saturday at Perth Road Dundee. It would be great to see you there.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Looking Forward to Lunch?

Hello all, now don't cast me down I know its early and that the schools haven't even finished for holidays yet. But you know me I like to be organised and so I have started taking orders for school lunch bags. Order now and have in time for August. I have a couple of designs for you to choose from, each is suitable for a boy or girl and are soo gorgeous I know your nipper will love them. Each bag is made from 100% cotton ( that's right no artificial fibres, except for the velcro closure ) I wanted the bags to be breathable and totally washable as well. So over to you. I have a number of bags in mind and I have a full to bursting order book at the moments so once I have enough I will stop taking orders. Enjoy your lunch now mine is calling.

Happy Tuesday

Monday, 23 May 2011

Pretty in Pink Something Special

Good morning my lovelies, how was your weekend. Mine went in a bit of a blur but was great fun. Lots of playing and homework and cooking and sewing. You know my usual. So to start the week off on the right note I thought I would do a little special once off for you. Playful puppies in pink bamboo bib and a set of 8 eco facial pads. If you don't know about bamboo ( you should by now) please go to www.madebymumshop.co.uk and find out all about it. Anyway this gorgeous set could be yours to give or to keep for your own little princess for only £11 ( usual price is £14) and that includes UK postage. Be quick though I only have the one set.

Happy Monday.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Made by Mum at the NEC Baby Show

Good morning all. I feel like my children are away on an school trip. All Butterflies. My new bandana style bamboo bibs are making there debut at the NEC Baby Show this weekend and I am anxiously waiting to see if they are doing well. If you are going to the show be sure to check out Planet Tots stand they have a gorgeous selection of eco friendly baby goodies ( including my bibs)
So what have I been doing to calm my nerves? you know sewing of course and my new fabrics are very tempting so here's what I have been making. A playful puppy blanket made with 100% cotton top and backed with organic cotton and bamboo fleece totally cute of what? and as an extra I whipped up some little eco facial pads to match.
What are you up to today? what ever you are doing have a good one.

Happy Saturday

Friday, 20 May 2011

Playful Puppies are Here

My latest fabric order arrived yesterday. I have been looking forward to it coming. So I couldn't wait to get cracking with it and with next weeks Crafters Makers Fair in Dundee to prep for I went for a couple of quilted crayon rolls. They are so gorgeous and fabulously practical as well. I just up loaded them on my etsy site and within a hour I was asked to make 23 of these cuties for birthday party favours, so much better than the usual plastic junk. Lucky guests I'd say. So more crayon rolls today I think. Happy Friday.

P.S If you are having a party and are interested in my crayon rolls as party favours please get in touch, if you order more than 8 I will give you a nice birthday discount present.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Soo Exciting My First Magazine Article !!!!!!!!

I have been keeping a secret for a long while. Since January actually Its a big one for me so excuse me gushing. I was approached at the turn of the year by Simple Homemade Magazine they wanted to do a little feature on up and coming handmade businesses. I leapt at the chance and today the magazine is out. I am soo excited. Lets hope I can generate a bit more interest in my eco friendly Bamboo products from it.

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A New Quilt I Think

Good morning all. I have been cutting and will start to piece up today. Not sure how much I will get done I have a busy one today.
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A New Sock Monkey Shirt

Good morning all. The summer party season is in full swing. My kids have several dates lined up over the next few weeks. So a new shirt was needed for my older boy. He choose the fabric himself and I did the rest. I have learned a lot from sewing this shirt and am quite pleased with the way it turned out. Not perfect by any means but not too bad. I hung the shirt up on the door handle of his cupboard while he was sleeping ( I finished it quite late) I was hoping he would get a little surprise when he got up and that I would be in his good books. However I heard nothing except lego being played with . I though maybe he hasn't seen it. So I ask did you see that Mummy has finished your shirt? Yes he said thank you. What is it with boys they just don't get the clothes thing at all. When I do the same thing for my girls I think people at the other side of town can hear them they get soo excited. However he has worn it several times and I did hear him tell his friend yes my Mummy made it. So maybe he's leaping about on the inside.

Happy Tuesday

Monday, 16 May 2011

A Weekends Work. Sweet Divinity

What did you do this weekend. I have had a chock a block one. I have been baking up a storm making a birthday cake and a huge tray of mini birthday cakes to take into school. We have had friends round and had lots of fun over a birthday weekend. On a sewing front I have been busy too completing this gorgeous pinwheel quilt for a very special little girl. I have used lots of pinks and duck egg blues in it along with a hint of raspberry and moss green. I love it. I used an all over meander quilting pattern and hand stitched the stripe binding.
Since I love it so much I have made a duplicate to sell. It's available in my Etsy Store.

Happy Monday

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Momentrepreneurs Thursday Thoughts

I have noticed this term coming into common usage more and more often. It's a term I am comfortable with ( with Mummy instead of Mom for me) I have never liked to call myself a business person it seems a bit male. I think the addition of Mummy in there is so important for me. Being a Mummy is the most important and valuble thing I will ever do. But I also have a creative drive.
Being a full time mother and running a handmade business is soo much more demanding and challenging than I ever imagined. Late night,early mornings. Dreaming designs and never having a moment to just breath can take a toll. So why do I do it? Life would be so much easier if I had a part time job, got childcare and a part time cleaner. I would get regular wages, time away from the monkey's, payed holidays etc etc.
The answer is love. I love my children so much I love being a mummy even when it's tough. I want to be there in the bad moments as well as the good. I would never want to pass that on to anyone. Being a Mummy has made me a better person and has taught me much more than any career. My love for creating is just an extention of that. I created for my kids way before I started making and selling for others. My children inspire me, keep me moving forward and are the most honest critiques you could ever meet.
If it wasn't difficult everyone would be doing it, right?
so three cheers to all the Momentrepreneurs may the juggling continue.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

More Pretty Colours

Hello all I have a stack of new style bamboo bibs all sewn up and ready to get posted but again I wanted to show you a quick pic of the pretty colours before they go. They lift my mood every time.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Special Needs Bibs???????

Hi everyone. I have been busy sewing up some of my new style bamboo bandana bibs and it got me thinking about making larger versions for children with special needs. From a practical point of view I think they would work brilliantly and from a personal perspective I think my bibs would be more individual and fun than anything I have seen. So I am throwing the doors open to you. I am going to start making larger versions

on a custom order basis. So if you are interested or know someone who may be please email me and we can discuss your requirements.

Monday, 9 May 2011

NEC Baby Show First.

Hello all how are you? its been a roller coaster of a weekend for me. Lack of sleep as well as a super busy schedual and a few last minute orders was not a good mix I was exhausted last night completely and utterly. So I have been slowly getting into gear this morning. I am up to date with house work at the mo and have been sewing up a new line of bandana drool bibs. They are so cool and backed with my super absorbent patented bamboo with is wicking properties its sure to keep your little dribbler fresh.
I was planning on making an official launch at the Royal Highland Show but due to a certain fab business taking them down to the NEC for the baby show I couldn't hold back any longer. Here they are. As usual if you want some drop me an email.
Happy Monday

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Some Pics!!!

Hello again. I have some photos to show of my stall from today. I only had 45mins to set up and that included getting boxes from the car. But I think it looked ok what do you think?

Ok I'm Readyish!!

Hello all I am just about to go to Doune for their Spring Fair. This time I have packed my camera ( I usually forget) so I will post some pics when I get home. Wish me luck.
Happy Saturday.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Orders to Go

Good morning all. Just a quick post this morning I have a lot to get done today. Have been up since 5.15 this morning and am on track if I don't sit down, pause, go to the loo or day dream. I have been packing up a nice order this morning among other things and just as I was about to close the box I took a look at all the pretty colours and just had to take a photo. I still find it a little difficult to let go of my creations and this order looked so Spring like I am glad I took a pic.

Got to go now, happy Wednesday

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Summer Fun

I am sure that over the bank holiday weekends and Easter holidays many of you have been going on day trips and mini holidays. Is wonderful to spend time as a family. However If your monkey's are anything like mine the travelling to and from your destination can be a trifle stressful. Stuck in a car, train or airport for long periods of time is not fun. So in the build up to this I have started making up a few of my quilted crayon rolls. Small and handy they can be popped into a bag or pocket and magically reappear when you need a few minutes peace. I can't guarantee that your flight will not be delayed, that the roads will be clear or even that the train tracks will not be undergoing maintenance. But at least your chickadees will be able to draw you a picture of where your stuck.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Doune Spring Fair

Good morning all, what a weekend wasn't it just fab. I spent way too much time in the garden. I wasn't gardening just sitting or pushing children on our swing or watching all the crazy thing my children want you to watch. You know the "watch me Mummy " shouting. So to say I am a little behind schedule is an understatement. I am way behind where I want to be. I think I feel that about everything at the moment. I am being pulled in all sorts of directions but thats life and if I wasn't busy I would be bored. So this is all I got done over the weekend 25 bibs that's it.

I am heading doon the road to Doune on Saturday they have this totally great playgroup which is having there Spring fair. I am really looking forward to it. Doune is gorgeous beautiful houses and building, wee winding lanes and immaculate gardens. So I better get cracking.

Happy Monday