Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy Hogmanay

Well here we are at the end of 2010. Has it been a god year for you I do hope so and if not tomorrow is a new start. 2010 has been a year where I have worked like never before at balancing sometimes I did good others I just fell off. I think my little business is starting to get established I am getting repeat custom and getting recommended to others. Word of mouth is a strong endorsement. I am always excited when I get a new customer who just found me but I get very excited when that same customer comes back and gets her friend to buy too, Its not just about how my goodies look I know they look good but that they out perform anything else available is what will make people come back. I thank you for that it mean soo much to me. As all mothers will know particularly stay at home Mummy's your confidence can take a bit of a nose dive and it can be scary stepping back into the world of work. This year I have been scared and doulted myself often sometimes getting the biggest pat on the back and other times crashing but I have kept going and I am loving the journey. I am out of my comfort zone lots but I think that is good and stretches me. So whats ahead for 2011. I have many projects in the pipeline and am soo excited about what I will accomplish. I wish you all a great 2011 please let me know how you do.
Happy Friday

Monday, 27 December 2010

Made by Mum Sale Ends 5th January

Hello how are you all doing exhausted I bet. However the week between Christmas and New year are so slow and relaxing you should hopefully get a chance to put your feet up. I am planning on finishing my Dr Seuss quilt and do a bit of sales shopping, I always use this time to get a little a head . Which reminds me the Made by Mum sale will continue until the 5th of January or until I run out of sale goodies. I am trying to make space for some lovely new goodies for 2011. I have backpacks, fabric baskets and some chef sets all reduced please look through my previous posts and email me with your choices. Happy shopping and relaxing.

Friday, 24 December 2010

The Stocking were Hung

Good morning to you all I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and to thank you for your support and encouragement over my first few months. The Made by Mum sale will continue until the 5th January.
Happy Christmas Eve

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Gift Basket Sale

HI more goodies to add to the Made by Mum Sale. Dr Seuss cat in the hat padded gift baskets reduced from £18 to £10. Email me if you are interested again I have VERY limited numbers. I have included some pics of the baskets full of goodies just to give you an idea of how special they are when they are full.
Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

More Sale Items

Hi I have some more very special sale items for you today. My gorgeous and super cute backpacks these have been soo popular and I only have 3 left. 1 with my blue cars design 1 with my lovely little pink flowers and red cherries on a blue back ground and the beautiful one in the photo. Each backpack has fully adjustable padded shoulder straps, each one is fully lined and piped with contrasting piping.These make the most adorable gifts think birthdays, starting Nursery or even Easter. As I say I have only 3 left and they have been reduced from £40 down to £22 including UK postage. You had better be quick.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Made by Mum Sale

Good morning all I am offering a few of my goodies in a sale. Up for grabs are my fully reversible fabric baskets - normal price £18 sale price only £10 and my super cute Chef sets - normal price £25 sale price £15. Be quick they are sure to go fast. Email me if you are interested and I will be able to give you an up to date selection.
Happy Monday.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Perth Christmas Market

Sorry for the lack of posts it has been one very busy week. So much going on with my little monkeys and so much catching up on the personal front. I really thought that the Christmas rush was past but I have had a quite a few last minute gift purchases I know I said no more but I am a big softy The weather has been causing so many problems that I have found myself playing postman (locally) so that I could make sure things actually arrived. What can I say I'm customer focused that or crazy. Most popular has been my bamboo baby gift sets there must be a lot of new babies and my zipper purses.

Don't forget that Made by Mum will have a stall at the Perth Christmas Market on Sunday the 19th from 11-5 Please come and say hi I will have 40 layers of clothing on, I am expecting it to be really cold.

Happy Friday.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Saturday Sewing or not

Way hey so last night I finely started doing some personal sewing I have been so looking forward to it. So there I was happy as Larry getting on with project number 1 when my very precious sewing machine started making a noise. Just typing that word makes me very nervous I had to stop and start to check her over I couldn't do anything. I felt so helpless. I am sorry if this sounds a little over dramatic but if you are a creative type i think you will understand. So I wavered about if I should send her for a service or not. I am worried about the weather and the road conditions because I need to send the machine to Edinburgh. So I got up with the intention of phoning to arrange collection and with the prospect of no sewing for at least 10 days and quite possibly longer. The courier was not able to give me a morning or afternoon time slot so I can't send the machine at all. But Pat at the sewing machine shop where I bought my machine gave me some pointers as to what I could try just to get through the Christmas period . I have been working on her for a while and I think the noise is not quite so bad. So gingerly I have been slow sewing and this is where I have got so far.
Happy Saturday.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Last Orders Please!!!!!!!

Hi everyone I have got to tell you I am feeling the pace this morning I have had a frantic week with my children's Christmas parties, play costumes, etc etc, anyway yesterday I thought I was just about there when I had some last minute custom orders from some wonderful overseas customers, I worked late last night getting them finished and posted today as it's the last day to post to the States. So now I am feeling it, but I can't stop just yet I have still got some prep to do for next weekends christmas market in Perth ( Sunday 19th 11-5) I am really looking forward to it I hope the weather is kind. So back to last orders I will be taking your orders until Saturday unless you are local and then I have a pile of sewing projects that I am itching to get on with for my own family and friends. I will keep you up to date with some pictures.
Happy Friday.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dr Seuss Stocking fillers

Hi I thought you would like to see this scrummy order I just posted off I am very busy helping santa's elves. Anyway this soo soft set of bamboo washcloths is on its way to devon.
Just a little reminder that you have a few days left to place any orders for Christmas so be quick. I am also offering FREE POSTAGE to the UK including on my website for a limited time so please take advantage.

Made by Mum at Home

Good morning to you all it is still freezing up here but the show goes on. I wanted to tell you all about a little idea that is brewing in my head. This year I have done a couple of Made by Mum at home parties they have been great fun and very rewarding and then on Saturday I was asked by a lovely lady if I would be interested in letting other people sell my lovely products on commission? This made me start to think, I have not worked everything out as yet but I think it could be a great way of getting my work out there but keeping that personal feel that is soo important to me. So now I am looking for some very special people who would be interested in doing this, you could earn some money for yourself while being an at home Mum, sell to your workmates, friends and family even the local toddler or playgroups. The list of possible places and people is quite extensive and my products are so different and special that in the right peoples hands I think it could be a winner. If you are interested in talking to me about it or know someone who would be please get in touch by emailing me.

Happy wednesday.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Christmas Shopping, How are you Doing?

I am trying to be organised but the weather is not helping. I managed to buy a few gifts while I was at the Green Gallery at the weekend, but I still have quite a bit to do. From a business point of view I have noticed an increase in my mail orders as more of my customers are coming back to re order after purchasing from me earlier in the year. This is always wonderful as its like a big thumbs up for my products. It gives me a nice warm feeling inside. Its also nice to know that lots of people big and little will be opening my handmade goodies on Christmas morning.
If you need any help with gift ideas please let me know.
Happy Tuesday keep cosy.

P.S. I still have a few of my padded gift baskets. Fill them with all sorts of goodies, they are great as a baby basket with lots of my bamboo baby items and then use them after for toys, books, nappys etc. Or why not fill with smelly bath lovelies, some delicious Christmas food, your imagination is the limit.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Its still snowing

Good morning to you all, Up here in Perth the snow is coming down thick and fast and I am snowed under with orders. I was at the Green Gallery on Saturday and the adventure of getting there was well worth the effort. I had such a lovely time and when I got home I had many email enquiries for custom Christmas goodies. I have been sewing and sewing and taking a break to do cutting and pinning, its all go I love it. In between all of that I have been making a santa tunic for my little boys school play his teacher asked if I could help so on Friday I was given 2 santa sacks as my materials. Well I fudged and fiddled and just managed to make a tunic of sorts so I am pretty smug about it. Sorry no pictures because it is a bit of a secret to do with the play. Keep warm and please get in touch if you want to place an order I want to make sure I have enough time to get things to you.
Happy monday.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Green Gallery Update

Hi Everyone just wanted to give you a quick update on the Green gallery Christmas fair. Saturday and Sunday are on from 10-4, but ladies night has cancelled, what a shame.

Made by Mum Bamboo Baby Gift Sets

I have put some of my super soft bamboo baby products together to make up some lovely gift sets for special little babies. Each set comprises a bamboo bib, a pack of eco facial pads and 2 bamboo washcloths. They are available in all the fabrics you see and each set is a fabulous introductory price of only £15 plus £1.50 P&P You can of course add to the set with the addition of my bamboo changing mat, for only £30.00 plus £2.00 P&P.
Give something as unique as the child who will be using it knowing there are no two the same.
Happy Friday.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Green Gallery Christmas Fair

The Green Gallery Christmas fair is on so for all of you who have cabin fever, or want to do some Christmas shopping please come along. There will be a fantastic selection of handcrafted goodies and some lovely home baking to keep the cold out. I am going to try my hardest to be there on Friday night and Saturday. Hope to see you there.
Happy Thursday.