Friday, 28 June 2013

Another String to my Bow

Hello peeps.  Hope you are looking forward to the weekend?  I always have a bit of a sinking feeling on a Friday afternoon, thinking that thought that I need to find the energy to go and set up my stall for tomorrows farmers market all that lifting and lifting and more lifting.  By this stage in the week I am wrecked and this week has been a manic one believe me so I am writing a wee blog post in the hope that I can summon the energy to go and do what I need to do.
For the last few weeks I have been having a little trial selling organic soap at my local farmers market. Along with all my sewn goodies. They truly are the most wonderful soap I have ever used and I can say that as I don't make them.  But I know the man who does and I have been an enthusiastic buyer of many wedges of soap over the years. I wanted to extend my little shop into other areas now that I am in Guernsey and a soap that is organic and totally natural made with plants and herbs and one that my ultra sensitive skin can enjoy seemed a great choice.  So the last few weeks have been super exciting sharing all the wonderful varieties with my local community.  I am delighted to say it has been a massive success.  This week has seen me delivering wedge after wedge to lovely people all over Guernsey who just couldn't wait till Saturday to get a little slice of luxury.
See now I knew it would work, talking about all those soaps has made me all excited inside off, I go to set up.
Happy weekend everyone.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Hi all June is certainly a busy month, school activities move up a notch and Mummies like me are never far away from taking a child here there and everywhere. Not to mention I have 4 with music and dancing exams along with extra practice sessions, parents information evenings, school appointments, sports days, swimming galas.  You get the picture.  So I am a  tad stressed by all this.  However my take along hang around project. That is my grandmother's flower garden is keeping me going through all the madness.  I say to myself I will make a few hexies when I get there or will finish up a flower.  It helps no end.  50 flowers already finished and they look oh so pretty.
Whats your stress buster?

Monday, 17 June 2013

Guernsey Mums

Calling all Guernsey shoppers. I am having a local give away. Up for grabs is one of my super cute and highly practical crayon wallets. All you have to do to enter is to comment on my facebook page and share this link on facebook. Prize can be collected at this weeks St Martins Farmers market. Happy entering.