Thursday, 27 December 2012

Granny Square Quilt

Are you feeling a little flat after Christmas?   I hope my quick little post may cheer you up.  Working with all these gorgeous vintage style prints has made me smile over and over again this last few days.  Spring in a quilt, flowers, sunshine blue skies and apricots.  The Granny squares were soooo much fun to put together.   Have you been woking on anything I would love to see what.
Happy Thursday.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Creative Christmas

Hi everyone I hope you are organised.  I am as much as I can be, although I still have a  lot of baking and cooking to do today.  Last night I made our Christmas pudding I normally have it made by the end of November but with all the chaos of the move I never did. On the list today is chocolate chip cookies, trifle, leak and potato soup, and steaming the pudding.  I have Sammy to walk, some hoovering and lots of laundry ( its never ending) as well as all the other day to day little chores.  Yesterday was much the same I thought it would be so much quicker ( and more expensive) just to go to the supermarket and buy everything I mean you can even buy your roast tatties in the frozen section beside the chips but for us that just would not feel right. We like to know exactly what we are eating, my kids are already over excited never mind filling them with e numbers.
With all the busy busy going on I needed to get a little sewing done and I had a project in my mind that I thought would satisfy my creative juices.  5 blocks later (I could have made so many more a quilt can be very addictive) this is what I have got so far.  Maybe today I will get some more done if I am lucky.
I hope you all have a wonderful and creative Christmas.
Happy Monday.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Hello all today I wanted to share with you a super easy and quick sewing project that I ran up last night.     My youngest daughter has been so patient over the last few months.  I have not made any of her requests it has been a super busy time.  Last night at 7:30 she said "Mummy can you please make Mia some new clothes you said you would" Mia is her doll.  I stopped and felt awful, yes I said I would and had put her off on several occasions.  We set to there and then.  Had a quick search through my stash picked fabric and  by 8:45 we were done.  The dress is really easy with a velcro closure at the back, it can be made with 1/4 mtr of fabric and is an ideal project to sew with your daughter.  It had been so much fun spending time sewing with her we chatted and she pinned.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Here's the result a pretty little sun dress that she has put on and off Mia several time already.  I think we may make a few more little outfits over the holidays.
Happy sunday and happy sewing.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Walking in Guernsey

Morning all, how are things with you? Its been frantic here and still is. I am marching my way through all your lovely orders but always find time to spend with my right hand dog Sammy. We cover a fare few miles each day ( thats Border Collies for you) and I thought you might like a little break from seeing another sewing related picture to having a peek at where we walked this morning. Our house on Guernsey is about 10 minutes from the coastal path. Therefore having a super active doggy We are out quite a lot. Hope you enjoy the pics. Happy Wednesday.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Made by Mum Give Away

I thought I would join in the Christmas fun and do my own giveaway. Up for grabs is this gorgeous quilted, elf toe Christmas stocking.Made from designer snowman cotton and lined with super soft bamboo fleece. The elf toe has been stuffed so the stocking hangs beautifully. It will make someone very happy this Christmas eve. All you have to do is follow my blog, like my facebook page and share. Good luck.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

December Discount

Hi everyone, well christmas is really here and to help make your pennies stretch a little further I have added a holiday discount code for 10% off everything in store. So all those items your had your eye on now's the time to grab a bargain. Happy shopping.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas Shopping

Hello everyone how are you all? I am up to my eyes in orders for Christmas which makes me very happy. Top 5 items at the moment are sets of 5 bamboo bibs, sets of 5 crayon wallets ( my customers like a bargain) 3 bear pencil rolls and lots and lots of make up bags with reusable bamboo pads. Also some elf toe Christmas stockings. My new little studio feels like santa's grotto very exciting. I am making my way through my Christmas present list and after a sit down chat around the kitchen table we have decided as a family only to give handmade gifts this year mainly from UK makers. This makes me very happy not only will the gifts be gorgeous, unique and fabulous quality I am going to enjoy the whole process much more. The service you get from small business is so far removed from the big chains that it is a total pleasure. What are you giving this year? I hope you give handmade. Happy Thursday.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Its's Been a While But I'm Back

Hello everyone can you believe I haven't blogged for nearly 4 weeks? I have had the biggest headache with the move you can imagine. ( maybe not its been totally terrible) I never want to go through that again, Lots of rubbish service from so many people from removals to broadband as well as a million other issues I won't bore you with but where has a pride in one's work gone to? and I am sorry to say so but the spoken word means nothing to so many businesses. ( not this one) But I am back ( on very limited internet access). I have my sewing machines set up and my studio sort of unpacked and I am loving getting on with work. I have a back load of orders from the most wonderful and patient customers ever and a tone of sewing I want to get in before Christmas. So glad to be back. Happy Sunday.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Craft fair on Saturday

Well my sewing machines are boxed and most of my supplies and equipment is packed up too. It feels really strange not to be sewing. I have not had a day not sewing in years. I am filling my time very easily with lots of horrible jobs. But every now and then I go and have a wee look at the goodies I have made for this Saturdays fair, they are all packed in see through plastic containers, very handy. Bags and tissue paper has been purchased, apron ironed and note to self to get a float together. I am really looking forward to seeing all the lovely products on display and chatting about sewing with people and hopefully making a few sales to send me on my way. Please pop in and say hello if you are in the area. Happy Tuesday.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Pitcairngreen Craft fair

Don't call me mad I already know that, but last week I was invited to the Pitcairngreen craft fair. I have been trying to get a stall for several years and since it is such a great show I decided to say yes. It's held the day before I move. No worries right? There is very little sleep happening here at the moment I hope it will be worth it. Let me show you some pics of my make up bags that I will be taking with me, these will all have a gorgeous little pack of reusable bamboo make up pads inside, great for Christmas giving. I am also working on crayon wallets, art cases, bibs, pencil rolls and little purses. Do you have any suggestions as to any other things I might russle up? Happy Tuesday.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cinnamon apple Jelly

My kitchen smells wonderful. I have been making some cinnamon apple jelly as sweet leaving gifts. I thought you all might like to try to make some yourself. I didn't follow a recipe I cooked 5lbs of Cox apples (skins on) with a lemon. some root ginger and cinnamon This took a few hours. Keep the temp down and go for a slow cook. Once you have a big pot of mush rig up your jelly bag over a big pot and drain the juice off over night (do not stir or prod) just be patient. Measure your juice and add about 500g sugar to every pint juice. Heat and stir until the sugar is dissolved then a rolling boil for 10mins. Pot in sterile jars and feel all warm and fuzzy every time you open your cupboard. Let me know how you get and send me some pics. Happy Sunday.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Not on the High Street

Hello all hope you are well. We are just about to start the tattie fortnight here so its time for me to get my house packed up. I am getting the jitters about our move we all are. I know its going to be great but its the thought of saying goodbye to so many lovely friends that is so hard. I am trying not to think about that side too much I mean there's phones, the internet etc etc on Guernsey. So apart from the move I have more big changes on my mind. I have been accepted as a seller for Not on the High Street. I am thrilled only 5% of applicants get accepted. I will be opening up my shop in the new year with some lovely new designs. I am working on getting my initial collection together. What would you like to see? Any old favourites or new ideas fire away, I always love to hear from you. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Grab and Go Zipper Wallet

What do you do when you are up to your eyes in wholesale orders, boxes for moving, a list of emails the length of my arm to answer, letters to write, new school uniform to buy, and a mountain of paperwork like you wouldn't believe. Well my contrary brain goes and dreams up a new wallet idea that I couldn't shake off. So after a few prototypes try out I have come up with something I am very excited about. Why because its fun, colourful and super practical. Hope you like. I will be listing a few in my shop this week so keep your eyes open. Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Moving sale Discount code

Hi again everyone I have just added a discount code for everything listed in my shop including sale items. Just enter movingsale at checkout. Thanks everyone and please pass on my shop details to anyone you think might be interested. Happy Tuesday

Monday, 10 September 2012

Closing Down Sale

Hi all, well my big move is fast approaching and with that my work load is getting to great even for me. I am keen to reduce the amount of stock I am packing and taking with me I mean I don't want the boat to sink with the weight of all of my stock. So I am going to be holding a closing down sale. (The closing down will only be temporary until I get settled) I will be stopping taking wholesale orders in the next week or so and that also includes custom work. So keep your eyes peeled on my shop first come first served. Get some fab bargains and be organised this Christmas. Happy Monday

Friday, 7 September 2012

From My sewing Table

This week has gone in a flash. I am shattered completely shattered. I have had shop orders rolling in for Christmas and I have been working on adding to my online shop offerings. With the start of the new season and schools returning I am seeing an upturn on a busy summer season. So just for fun I thought you might like to see some of what I have been creating this week. Happy weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Guernsey Craft Fairs ????????

Hello friends I feel the season changing do you? My early morning walk now starts in the pitch black and I have had to call it a night at 8pm for my hand quilting. Only to start on my machine work. I love autumn it's my favourite season, all those wonderful colours, the smell of the log burner and the expectation of Christmas. One of my favourite things to do in autumn is get a few craft and handmade fairs under my belt. This year in particular I want to get out there and meet up with like minded people. But there is a problem, with me moving to Guernsey I have no local contacts to swap info with about up and coming fairs. So I thought I would try reaching out through my blog. If you know of any fairs or crafty people on guernsey please let me know. Happy Wednesday.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Let the Quilting begin

Hi friends I am so excited to show you my quilt progress. About 10 days ago I finished my double irish chain and have started slowly but surely to quilt it. Now this quilt is quite a size measuring about 80" x 80" and the prospect of trying to machine quilt it made by back ache just at the thought. So I am going to hand quilt it. It will be a labour of love and I think should take at least 1 year to 18 months if I spend at least 1 hour on it everyday. It will give me the opportunity to work on my hand quilting and get my technique much better. I will also be using feathers, lots of feathers which I loooooove. Here are a few pics of what I have worked so far. I am going to be using a cross hatch on my squares and feather wreaths in my free blocks and a double feather on my borders. Hope you like it.