Sunday, 29 January 2012

Playing with Letters

Hi all hope the weekend is treating you well? I have been busy playing with letters and have been adding them to lots of my projects. First up and now listed in my shop is personalised crayon wallets. Next on my mind in baby quilts. Do you think anyone would be interested in buying a quilt with child's name sewn on? or do you think people prefer ready made designs?
I am thinking of adding more personalised options and am interested in hearing what you think. Good idea or not.
What are you experimenting with at the moment?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Pin Wheel quilt Finish

Hi all I have another recent finish to show you. This one I just could't put down and had it finished in 4 days and nights of course. I love the colours and the pinwheels or as I prefer whirlygiggs add such movement to the quilt and the white offers some eye interest, something I love about patchwork. As usual I saved a film to sew on my binding, I don't feel guilty about watching the telly then.
Now back to my pile of orders I have to get on with. Did I tell you I have some new shops on board which is super exciting but also frantic trying to keep up with larger orders.
Happy Days.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Laminated Sewing

Hi all I have something new to share with you. My first sewing project working with laminated fabric. I have been a bit scared or working with oilcloth but had to have a go. I like to venture outside my comfort zone every now and then. Things I learned along the way. Don't pin if you can avoid it and sew slowly. Iron on the reverse.
At the end I have a totally wipeable crayon wallet, I am pretty pleased with myself. What new projects have you been working on?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fox Trousers

Another finish round here I am on a roll. Here they are foxy trousers in medium weight denim with a little stretch. I love how the pocket turned out just gives an extra wee lift. Youngest came home and went straight up to his room and put them on without being asked so they get the thumbs up.
What have you been working on I would love to see your pictures.
Happy Tuesday.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Destash bargain

Hi everyone I have some gorgeous bamboo and organic cotton fleece for sale. It is a terrific fabric to use on many different types of projects including cot blankets, taggies, washcloths, breast pads, reusable sanitary towels, bibs and many many other things.
Why we love it and why you you will too!
Luxuriously soft it has a silky/cashmere feel.
Bamboo is breathable and Thermal regulating, it “wicks” moisture away from the body. The structure of the fibers allows moisture to evaporate keeping baby more comfortable.
Bamboo is a sustainable resource, it is 100% biodegradable and naturally regenerative.
Bamboo is Antibacterial it contains a natural antibacterial agent “bamboo Kun” great for keeping fabric odour free.
Bamboo is hypoallergenic, it is non irritating to the skin. It is especially good for skin with conditions such as eczema,
Bamboo is naturally anti static and will not cling to baby.
Bamboo is highly practical it is up to 60% more absorbent than cotton terry cloth and is machine washable.

Please note since posting about the bamboo fabric I have very limited stock now.

If you are interested please get in touch.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

This Week So Far

Our school went back on Monday so although I had been kept busy over the holidays I started to get back to normal (sewing wise) this week. It is surprising how quickly I have become used to an extra hour in bed, my 6 o'clock alarm has been a real pain this week, but routine is like a favourite old jumper, good to get back to.
Over the Christmas break I have allowed myself some time to get on with some of my own sewing both works in progress and some long awaited projects I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed them and have promised myself to try and make time for more handwork in particular.

This is a foxy pocket I have been working at for the last few nights ( around 10 hours in total) for one little fox. I wanted to create texture and a raised effect to the foxes fur I think I used a whole skein of the red brown cotton but am pleased with how it turned out, now all I have to do is whip up the rest of the trousers hope they don't take 10 hours.
Happy Thursday.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Nearly Rumbled

I had a close shave this afternoon. I was up last night working away on a pair of slippers We have a birthday boy next week and I had had a wee look through my stash and had everything I needed. Result - using stash, clearing space, and a super thrifty gift too boot. Anyway I was working away last night and finally finished but I had a niggle that wouldn't go away something wasn't right they were much too big ( thats what happens when you have to sew made to measure in secret, I could hardly say can I trace your feet for no reason) I went to bed feeling deflated. So this morning I adjusted my template and this afternoon while everyone was glued to a movie I started to make slippers mark 2. All at once the door burst open and next weeks birthday boy was there he had grown tired of the film and was through for a wee chat. "Whats that Mummy" he said "oh Mummies just working, why don't you go back through?" " I want to stay here with you" " what's that? is it slippers I need slippers Pleeeeease" "Mummies just working" " is it a funny hat?" "might be" and so it went on and on the whole time I am shielding his view and gently moving things. He got tired of our chat I am so boring and left. I think I got away with it. Anyway here they are on another volunteer. I have lots of feet to choose from. Why I didn't use them in the first place I don't know thats just too organised.
Happy Friday

Thursday, 5 January 2012

First Top finished

I am making progress with my to do list. This is my first quilt top finish of 2012. The next version will have the same pinwheels but I think I will do a different border. Hows your list doing?
In between my sewing I have been enjoying spending time with Sammy he is certainly growing and his cheeky personality is developing, can't believe he has only been with us for only 16 days. Love the little pink pads of his paws.
Happy Thursday

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Quilted Slippers

I have a massive and ever growing list of projects for 2012. I think this is because I have neglected my personal sewing in favour of making for craft fairs and the shop. In the top 10 is more slippers my youngest has loved his Mummy slippers since I made them for him when he was off nursrey feeling really poorly. he has worn them everyday and night for that matter ( yes he sleeps with them on) but sadly now he is urgently needing new ones. Therefore in between quilt blocks and trousers and pillowcases and new curtains and jeans and polo shirts and more quilts I will squeeze some time for his cold little toes. What have you got on your sewing list for 2012?
Happy Wednesday