Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sticking to a Course

Good morning all how are you all? My week has been totally manic so far, no change there I hear you say. One major change is in my stress levels apart from one spell yesterday I have felt a lot more in control of things. What has brought about this almighty change is that I have learned a very useful word "no" so simple and very effective. Since I have been taking stock of my work commitments and have decided not to do craft fairs this year ( I might do 1 or 2) things have been great I have been a busy bee working away on orders all week. More orders than usual in fact and it has been fine because I know when I need to I can say no the sky will no fall.
Anyone else use the "N" word?

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Cat in the Hat Pencil Case

I have been enjoying experimenting with linen this week, the texture is wonderful and the natural look is great for showcasing some of my favourite prints. I just finished this Cat in the Hat pencil case. I added some hand stitching to the feature patch again it just adds a bit of impact. The free space of linen is perfect for adding a name. I wonder what it will be.
What are you up to this weekend?

Friday, 10 February 2012

Growing Your Own

It's going to be my first full year of having an allotment and I am very excited about the prospect of growing lots of yummy fresh veg ( that is if I don't kill it all) that I thought I should keep a record of my seed choice, weather, harvest and so on. So here it is I just love love love it, the linen is so tactile and I found the applique fun and full of possibilities. I had to make another just in case anyone else would like one. It's listed in the shop. It would make a fab Mother's Day gift.

Happy Friday.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Big Decisions

I think this is the week I think I should come clean. I have been hanging onto this one for a while searching, looking for a solution I feel comfortable with. My life is one massive juggle and without going into too many details I have to drop a ball and I have to decide which it will be. Made by Mum as it stands is one of the balls I am considering dropping. Don't get me wrong I love love love my little business so it's not because It's not doing well but maybe because it's doing too well.

I am struggling to find the time to run my online shop, fill off line orders, shop orders, blog, facebook attend too many craft fairs and events. You know the routine, so I have been considering if I should scale back Made by Mum to an online business only and a few selected shops.
I think that the Uk is a mixed market place when it comes to handmade some people just get it and others see it as a jumble sale type venture. I am so grateful to my overseas customers and friends for giving me an oppertunity that I wouldn't have had if I had stuck with the UK only. So I think that the online presence is the way forward. I have tried to be super women on this but the costume just didn't suit me. So there you go tough decision but a big sigh of relief as well, employing people buying storage and workshop premises is just not the way I want to go. I love keeping my little venture personal and true to its name. Hope you all understand.
Happy Wednesday.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Weekend Goings On

Hello all hope you had a good weekend. We had our usual busy busy of grocery shopping, music lessons, practice sessions cleaning out children's rooms and lots of puppy walking. Sammy is slowly but surely coming out of his shell. He has now been out for 3 weeks and is starting to enjoy his walks rather than dread them. Meeting other dogs has been quiet scary for him but I think another few weeks and he will be just as crazy outside the house as he is inside. I rained on Saturday afternoon, all our trips had been done so I sat down and made this mini and rather dinky zipper pouch.
A couple of months ago I lost my purse ( in quite an unpleasant incident) so have been keeping my change in my pocket which I hate. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy another purse until I saw something I really liked. Well I have found a beautiful handmade leather wallet so now just have to save up and for the time being I can keep all my bits and bobs together and not in my pockets. I think if I made another I would add a little loop just to be able to grab quickly. I love the red and blue together so bright and cheery.
What did you do over the weekend?

Katrina please get in touch you are the lucky winner of a teething ring. Congrats.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Give Away Thanks you

well I asked for suggestions and I have got them, thanks everyone for your time it means a lot to me that you bother. So often when I am writing my blog of making for my online shop I wonder if anyone is going to read this let alone buy something so I thought it would be fun to have a little give away for one of my new organic teethers. So here we are up for grabs is one of my teething rings you can enter up to 3 times by leaving a comment, following my blog and tweeting about the giveaway/teether, please post the link if you do. So its over to you. Entries close on Sunday. If you can't wait I have some listed in my shop and until Sunday I have a 20% discount for all my blog readers on EVERYTHING in the shop just enter made20 at the check out.
Enjoy your shopping

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

New Goodies

Hello everyone I have been working on some new designs trying to keep my products fresh and constantly evolving so I wanted to share my organic wooden teethers with you. They have the cutest bunny ears and would make a brilliant little Easter gift for a little drooler instead of chocolate.
I also wanted to ask you if there are any products you would like Made by Mum selling I am always looking for feedback from you all, you are so generous with your time. I look forward to hearing your suggestions.
Happy Wednesday