Monday, 20 September 2010

Green Gallery Christmas Fair

Now I know its a way off but I am taking part in the Green Gallery Christmas Fair this year. I am really excited about it. Well becky asked if I had any product shots for their publicity materials for the show, she was looking for pinks, reds and oranges. So here is what I sent her. I just couldn't leave out my retro boys bib.


  1. Love all the Cat in the Hat Fabric, totally understand!!! Would like to know more info for the Fair, when and where will it be, Thankyou.

  2. Hi Rebecca thanks for your kind comments. I have quite a few events coming up in the run up to Christmas its all so busy and exciting. I hope they all go well. The Green Gallery is in Stirlingshire and it has a wonderful fair each Christmas I will have my stall on Friday 3rd from 7-9pm for ladies night and 10-4 on Saturday the 4th December. Hope to see you there.