Saturday, 17 September 2011

Good Morning !!!

Good morning all of you early birds isn't it great having the house to yourself all quiet and peaceful. I find that the first half hour of my day is a barometer for what's to follow. This morning for example I was unable to get my foot on the first stair when number three child was awake and wanting me to help him with something and that was at 6.15. Saturday and Friday were worse I was up and about at 5 both of those mornings and I had children up and bickering with each other by 5.35 can you imagine? Those special mornings when I do manage to sneek down stairs undetected and have half an hour to say good morning to my trusty old dog ( she is the last of our three faithful companions so I feel very close to her) open the back door and stare out into the garden breath the fresh morning air and be still. Oh those few precious moments give me a space to just be. With a house full to the brim with busy I cherish the quiet. Maybe tomorrow.
Happy Sunday

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