Thursday, 11 July 2013

Quilt Kits

Hi all how are you?  This week the weather has been wonderful I have been enjoying my little jogs and  longer walks with Sammy covered in sunblock ( fair/ginger hair and freckles).  It has been a funny week.  The other evening I was gathering in my washing from our clothes line when a lady who was standing waiting for the bus started to chat with me about my quilts ( I had a couple on the line ) she asked so many questions and was so interested and then out of the blue she asked me to make her a twin size quilt.  I was totally shocked and still am pinching myself that it actually happened.

The whole conversation got me thinking about quilts in general.  I have been quilting for such a long time that I sometimes forget how scary it can be making your first few quilts, selecting, a pattern, choosing fabrics ( size, scale, colours, themes) deciding on wadding and then gathering everything together.  It can often be too much that it can put the beginner off. So I was wondering if I should be putting together some simple little kits.  I am thinking baby/todder size with fabric cut to size.  Should I include binding and backing fabrics and what about wadding should these be an optional add on to the kit?

I would love to have your input and suggestions.
Happy Thursday.

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