Sunday, 22 September 2013

A New Quilting shop?

I all I think I can say that Summer is over we have had a fabulous few weeks, lots of beach time. I have had a full on schedule of farmers markets and local shows to keep me going and it has been lovely.  I enjoy the people contact its good to chat with like minded people it sort of gives me more energy.  My business is developing in ways I never imagined and I feel like I am at a bit of a cross roads at the moment should I carry on just the same, making and selling at the same venues the same products or should I take a step in another direction?  I have been considering for quite a while whether I should have a shop to sell fabric and supplies but then we moved to Guernsey and those thoughts had to take a back seat but now I feel a little more settled I am thinking again.  So I hoped that you could all give me a wee hand with my thoughts. Do you think a shop is a good idea?  should it be internet based or actual shop? Guernsey is only a small island so I am not sure it could support an actual shop. What would you like to see in your dream quilt shop?  fabric types? notions? tools/equipment?  etc etc. what type of feel would you prefer? traditional/modern/vintage?  I want to know.
I really appreciate you taking a minute to give me your input.
Happy Monday.

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