Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sewing for Older Girls

Hi all after the success of the duffle coat I am on a bit of a high so decided to crack on with some more sewing projects for my kiddywinks, The next on the list is this little denim skirt is doesn't look like much but be patient. I am contemplating which buttons I will use, maybe mother of pearl. The reason I chose this skirt is that my eldest is a bit or a jeans and jogging suit girl but she has a little event coming up so I thought this would be an easy transaction for her . I have found that as my children get older I become more dissatisfied with the shop bought clothes on offer, especially for girls, what is wrong with children being children and dressing as such. I love them to look up to date so I hope the skirt is hip enough. Oh how old I sound.

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