Friday, 6 January 2012

Nearly Rumbled

I had a close shave this afternoon. I was up last night working away on a pair of slippers We have a birthday boy next week and I had had a wee look through my stash and had everything I needed. Result - using stash, clearing space, and a super thrifty gift too boot. Anyway I was working away last night and finally finished but I had a niggle that wouldn't go away something wasn't right they were much too big ( thats what happens when you have to sew made to measure in secret, I could hardly say can I trace your feet for no reason) I went to bed feeling deflated. So this morning I adjusted my template and this afternoon while everyone was glued to a movie I started to make slippers mark 2. All at once the door burst open and next weeks birthday boy was there he had grown tired of the film and was through for a wee chat. "Whats that Mummy" he said "oh Mummies just working, why don't you go back through?" " I want to stay here with you" " what's that? is it slippers I need slippers Pleeeeease" "Mummies just working" " is it a funny hat?" "might be" and so it went on and on the whole time I am shielding his view and gently moving things. He got tired of our chat I am so boring and left. I think I got away with it. Anyway here they are on another volunteer. I have lots of feet to choose from. Why I didn't use them in the first place I don't know thats just too organised.
Happy Friday

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