Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Quilted Slippers

I have a massive and ever growing list of projects for 2012. I think this is because I have neglected my personal sewing in favour of making for craft fairs and the shop. In the top 10 is more slippers my youngest has loved his Mummy slippers since I made them for him when he was off nursrey feeling really poorly. he has worn them everyday and night for that matter ( yes he sleeps with them on) but sadly now he is urgently needing new ones. Therefore in between quilt blocks and trousers and pillowcases and new curtains and jeans and polo shirts and more quilts I will squeeze some time for his cold little toes. What have you got on your sewing list for 2012?
Happy Wednesday


  1. Those are absolutely adorable! Do they come in adult sizes?

  2. I think they might. I just received a new pair of slippers at Christmas but a girl can never have too many slippers right?

  3. Those slippers are fantastic! They look soft and comfy!