Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Great Week

Hello all another week has passed in a haze of activity.
Our sweetcorn which we planted last Sunday is beginning to produce little shoots. I used a window propagator and it seems to be doing the trick. The weather has been rubbish, cold and lots of showers so no washing was dried outside this week I did try. I have visited the allotment only once since last Saturday and even then I got drenched and just came home. Please mr sunshine come back.
My little sewing business touch wood is keeping me very busy. I finished my quilted christmas stocking order for a shop in Spain this week. I managed to make an extra 5 cat in the hat stockings which have now all been sold thanks for your interest. Other sewing included a large order of crayon wallets, 2 lunch bags,a few bamboo bibs and burp cloths, some facial pads, zipper purses and some large art wallets. I think thats everything. I am so encouraged by the steady stream of orders that I am getting. I did worry that things might slow up after Christmas but I was wrong I keep pinching myself.
I have been stock taking and have discovered that I have a number of items now listed in the shop which are the last ones of that style so I think I feel a fabric order coming on. Exciting and time consuming.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

another fabric option for The Lorax crayon wallet

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