Sunday, 8 April 2012

Keeping Chickens ???????????

Good morning all hope you have not overdosed on chocolate yet. I have the other kind of eggs on my mind at the moment. We are considering keeping 2-4 chickens in our back garden. We like the idea of fresh free range eggs I bake an awful lot. But I have no experience of keeping chickens so I am looking for your input and advice. We have a few questions so please give me your experiences.

How much time is involved in looking after chickens?
What foods do they eat?
How many eggs should we get from 2-4 hens?
Which breeds are best for laying eggs?
Where do we buy chickens from?
Where do we get chicken feed?
Do you save money on eggs raising you own chickens?
And any other things that I am sure to have missed out.

Thanks so much in advance

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