Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Guernsey Craft Fairs ????????

Hello friends I feel the season changing do you? My early morning walk now starts in the pitch black and I have had to call it a night at 8pm for my hand quilting. Only to start on my machine work. I love autumn it's my favourite season, all those wonderful colours, the smell of the log burner and the expectation of Christmas. One of my favourite things to do in autumn is get a few craft and handmade fairs under my belt. This year in particular I want to get out there and meet up with like minded people. But there is a problem, with me moving to Guernsey I have no local contacts to swap info with about up and coming fairs. So I thought I would try reaching out through my blog. If you know of any fairs or crafty people on guernsey please let me know. Happy Wednesday.

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