Saturday, 17 November 2012

Its's Been a While But I'm Back

Hello everyone can you believe I haven't blogged for nearly 4 weeks? I have had the biggest headache with the move you can imagine. ( maybe not its been totally terrible) I never want to go through that again, Lots of rubbish service from so many people from removals to broadband as well as a million other issues I won't bore you with but where has a pride in one's work gone to? and I am sorry to say so but the spoken word means nothing to so many businesses. ( not this one) But I am back ( on very limited internet access). I have my sewing machines set up and my studio sort of unpacked and I am loving getting on with work. I have a back load of orders from the most wonderful and patient customers ever and a tone of sewing I want to get in before Christmas. So glad to be back. Happy Sunday.

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