Saturday, 4 May 2013

Feeling Sleeping

Happy bank holiday weekend everyone. After seeing some photos of my fellow sewing bloggers gardens this week I am grateful that Spring is well and truly arrived in Guernsey ( thank goodness for that) My days are punctuated with walking miles and miles with Sammy through the quiet lanes of St Martins and his favourite along the coastal paths.  It really is better on foot, I feel as though I am getting a bit more settled .  The hedges are full of activity from birds and butterflies, lots of bees buzzing and yesterday I saw my first ladybird of the year on my way to pick up the kids from school.  I am loving the fresh air.  Along with all the walking I have been sewing like crazy, my candle is burning at both ends with late nights and a 5 am start I am feeling very sleepy or maybe it has something to do with making scores of these little patchwork lavender pillows?  They are pretty don't you think  and perfect little gifts for someone special.
Must go and have a wee nap now.
Happy weekend.

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