Friday, 31 May 2013

My Double Irish chain is Done !!!!!!!!

Hello my lovelies how are you all today?  I have an extra skip in my step as at looooooong last my double irish chain quilt is complete.  I can tell you there were times I thought I would never get her finished but here she is ( photo overload coming up) The hand quilting has been an absolute joy I love feathers can you tell?  Anyway without any more waffling here she is.


  1. this quilt is beautiful! do you quilt by machine or hand? i make quilts but have trouble with the actual quilting and usually stick to something quite basic. I just have a domestic sewing machine but do some free motion quilting. Would love to do more patterns like you have - any tips??

  2. Hi Naomi. My double irish chain quilt was hand quilted. I took me along time but I love the results. I do a lot of machine quilting too and use a domestic sewing machine. I have found that if you baste your quilt well it really helps when you are moving it through the machine, also don't rush take your time and do a bit at a time. I would love to see your work send me some pictures.