Monday, 1 September 2014

Where Have I been and What have I been doing

Hi everyone it has been a long time.  In all honesty I just haven't felt like blogging.  Life has been full on and I have made the big decision to pack up my sewing business.  It doesn't happen over night but the process is well underway.  I have a little sadness that it is ending but am excited and relieved to be moving on.  The thought of being able to sew what ever I want rather than a conveyer belt of bibs and  purses etc etc is good.
I have been feeling quite homesick of late we have been living in the Channel Islands for 18 months and although I do like some aspects of life here it is just not home.  I miss the accents, the casual chats with people who you just meet, the friendly hello in the morning from everyone, fresh air, hills, mountains and the humour.  
I plan on baking loads, working out and sewing loads of quilts.  Here are some of my recent projects.

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