Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Great Granny Square continued

Well I hope you have all completed your centre Great Granny Square block and are ready to continue on and get the front of your cushion cover completed.  This next stage is quick and easy.  First off lets add a border to our block.  I chose a 4 inch border but the size of your border really depends on the size of the cushion that you would like.  I added the border fabrics to opposite sides first using a 1/4 inch seam then trimmed the excess fabric and then added the remaining two sides, trimming the excess at the end.  I now have a completed cushion block.
Lets make a quilt sandwich.  Lay your backing fabric down ( right side facing down) then your wadding and finally your complete quilt block.  Your backing and wadding need to be at least 2 inches bigger all round than the front block.  Pin or bast and we are now ready to quilt.  
Don't be afraid of quilting please you have 3 choices now and all of them are great.  You can hand quilt, straight-line quilt with a walking foot or free motion quilt.  I choose to free motion quilt.  I lowered the feed dogs in my machine. changed my foot to a darning foot and off I went trying to keep a consistent flow.  
I then trimmed off the excess wadding and backing fabric.  I like to add a 1/8 inch seam around the edge just to keep everything where it should be, you don't have to do this it's up to you.  
Next time we will be making the backing to our cushion make sure you wash your backing fabric for this stage.  Happy sewing.

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