Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christmas Shopping and the weather

If you are anything like me at the moment the idea of doing some Christmas shopping is a non starter with the weather the way it is and set to continue for as long as forecast can be done. But Christmas won't wait and do you really want the same old same old as we all buy each year because we are stuck. My solution is simple buy handcrafted and use the internet. Make sure the person who you buy from designed and made the item,( we don't want any cheap imports) crafters love you to ask questions we are so passionate about what we make. Telling the items story is one of the most enjoyable parts in my job. I love to chat with people about what I do it gives me a connection. So please consider handcrafted, and remember that if you have seen something that I make that is not listed on my website and are interested in finding out about it please drop me and email.
Happy Wednesday.

little update - I am due to have a stall at the Green Gallery Christmas fair this weekend, at present the fair is going ahead and I am going to make every effort to get there.

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