Monday, 29 November 2010

Custom Orders

I had a little order for some stocking gifts for a little boy so I made up a set of bamboo washcloths, a crayon roll and then I thought boys get pocket money too so I then sewed a few little zipper pouches in some funky boys fabrics, they are fully lined so should withstand coins and sent this picture to the lovely Mummy in question to choose which one. Well she bought all of them 1 for her Son and the rest to put into her present box, she is so organised that for the next 4 birthday parties she has it all sorted. A lesson to all of us, you usually end up spending less no more panic buying and the recipient gets a totally unique gift.

Happy Monday.


  1. Hope you are enjoying the snow down there in Perth. It's pretty wild up here. Loved the snowthunder and lightning though. Not really something you see everyday.

  2. We are stuck can't get out of the drive, the lightning was strange.