Sunday, 27 March 2011

Direction ?????

Good morning all. Did you remember about the clocks going back? Hubby is working so I was up really early but I am still unorganised.
Recently my thoughts (in between all the madness) have been on direction. Where should I aim for? how should I get there? and what should I not do. I have a confusing array of options and at the moment I am trying to focus on what I want to achieve with the business. It feels like I am standing at the fork in the road, And have been feeling a little pressurised by certain forces. It can be difficult to remain true to founding principles when cheap imports and poor quality products flood the handmade market. But I have concluded that my business will grow and develop and that I will not loose my focus. I will continue to create totally unique, high quality and innovative products and that my customers past present and future will appreciate that handmade truly handmade, made with love and care and attention is worth its weight in gold.

Sometimes getting your thoughts written down can be cathartic I hope you will indulge me this morning.
Happy Sunday.


  1. I was just telling my hubby that handmade lasts longer than the cheap imported crap! Keep your goals in mind, and continue on, I think you will make it!

  2. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence Handmade rocks.