Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sticking to a Course

Good morning all how are you all? My week has been totally manic so far, no change there I hear you say. One major change is in my stress levels apart from one spell yesterday I have felt a lot more in control of things. What has brought about this almighty change is that I have learned a very useful word "no" so simple and very effective. Since I have been taking stock of my work commitments and have decided not to do craft fairs this year ( I might do 1 or 2) things have been great I have been a busy bee working away on orders all week. More orders than usual in fact and it has been fine because I know when I need to I can say no the sky will no fall.
Anyone else use the "N" word?

1 comment:

  1. "no" is quite liberating when you use it! I used to agree to every request to volunteer at my kids' schools and in their classes. Well, with 4 it became quite overwhelming and stressful. I began to dread being asked. 2 years ago, I started saying "no" to the commitments that I didn't really enjoy doing and life has been much better since!