Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Week so Far

Hello all how are you? I have had another action packed week. The milder weather has been wonderful I have had my washing out on the line several times this week, it smells so lovely. My Daffs are out and Puppy walking is going great. Sammy is loving his exercise, the only draw back is that he is a car chaser I think it's inbuilt in a Border collie. Once we are in the park or out in the fields he is really relaxed. I am soo lucky where I live and Sammy has an abundance of routes.
Sewing wise this week has been super fun I have been working with some gorgeous shops since the New Year and I am already getting repeat orders from several. I can't quite believe that so many of them have sold out by the end of February but I am not complaining. I have also been working on some new product designs and trying to get a few hours in on a large quilt I am working on.

Allotment news now, I hope I am not jumping the gun but my early potatoes have been planted the soil was so warm I had put some fleece down a couple of weeks ago and it seems to have given them a little extra help. I have dug over 2 other small beds and have my plan sorted as to what I am going to try and grow and where I will plant it.
So all in all a really fast paced week. What have you been up to this week.?

Sammy wanted to help change the sheets on the bed.

Some of the new goodies that have been added to the shop this week.

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