Friday, 16 March 2012

Cat in the Hat Stockings

I know it's March and that spring is finally showing herself but guess what I am up to my eyes in? Cat in the Hat Christmas stockings. Crazy isn't it. I have a big order for these cuties to make for a Spanish shop that will open in the late summer early autumn. I posted a comment on my facebook page the other day and within no time at all I had several requests for more. So I might open things up a bit and make even more once I get on with these ones. I have also been busy with some little Easter gifts for my girls more on that nearer the time. I wouldn't want to spoil any surprise. I have to get back to finishing cutting, my floor looks well I can't actually see my floor under the sea of clippings I think it's going to be another late night.
Happy weekend. P.S if you would like to order your own cat in the hat stocking or maybe a different design just give me an email.

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