Monday, 24 December 2012

Happy Creative Christmas

Hi everyone I hope you are organised.  I am as much as I can be, although I still have a  lot of baking and cooking to do today.  Last night I made our Christmas pudding I normally have it made by the end of November but with all the chaos of the move I never did. On the list today is chocolate chip cookies, trifle, leak and potato soup, and steaming the pudding.  I have Sammy to walk, some hoovering and lots of laundry ( its never ending) as well as all the other day to day little chores.  Yesterday was much the same I thought it would be so much quicker ( and more expensive) just to go to the supermarket and buy everything I mean you can even buy your roast tatties in the frozen section beside the chips but for us that just would not feel right. We like to know exactly what we are eating, my kids are already over excited never mind filling them with e numbers.
With all the busy busy going on I needed to get a little sewing done and I had a project in my mind that I thought would satisfy my creative juices.  5 blocks later (I could have made so many more a quilt can be very addictive) this is what I have got so far.  Maybe today I will get some more done if I am lucky.
I hope you all have a wonderful and creative Christmas.
Happy Monday.

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