Thursday, 16 June 2011

Royal Highland Show Countdown Continued

Good Morning all I have more to share with you all this morning. I will be taking these bamboo goodies with me next week to the show. The red/pink combo may be a new favourite from Tuesday but will more than likely be replaced super quick. Thats the way of fabrics with me, each one is a favourite. I am soo lucky to be doing what I do surrounded by colour, pattern and creative possibilities. My Nerves are kicking in I can tell you. I have butterflies in my tummy. I am so excited about this one I just hope I do well. But let me introduce my newest bamboo baby blanket.

I have used a variety of pinks ranging from delicate peachy right through to the vibrant cherry red. Lots of stimulation and talking points for you to share with your little one as you snuggle up. Can you imagine the stories you could create at bed time about the playful puppies or the children on their scooters in the park. Timeless and enduring memories.

I also took a couple of shots of these two fun bamboo taggies. Again so tactile and educational. Little fingers can fiddle to their hearts content.

I have so much still to get on with so I will get back to the cutting table.
Happy Thursday.

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