Monday, 12 December 2011

Handmade Christmas

Hi everyone. My weekend was a busy one and very festive. We put up our tree and decorated it. This year we opted for a real tree and the house smells wonderful. I have been getting some Christmas presents finished and thought I would share some with you not all sewing but all handmade. First up is a tree ornament. I wanted the design to be red and white only so that it would match in with the recipients decor. This little ornament is all of 3 inches square so you can guess how small the irish chain blocks are. My fingers are still a bit sore from the fiddleyness of it all. I hand quilted it and then added the back. I wanted a generous thickness to the square. Then I quilted a tiny feather wreath at the back. I was a little nervous about using red thread but I think it turned out fine. This tiny quilt is going to be given to a wonderful lady who is so generous with her time to my two dancing daughters that we always do a handmade gift, it's sort of giving back a little of our time. Oh I tried using wool wadding in this one I thought it very soft and lovely to hand quilt.
More to show you later in the week.
Happy Monday.

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  1. oh! that is so beautiful ... such intricate work. I'm sure whoever gets it is going to be thrilled :-)