Saturday, 17 December 2011

On the To Do List

Oh I was going to show you all some gorgeous handmade Christmas goodies as they were heading out the door to some special people in our life. But it has not been peaceful round here this week. I have been adjusting costumes and letting down hems, putting up hems, taxiing children here there and everywhere, attending concerts at school, answering emails and phone calls and emails and packing last minute orders and packing more last minute orders. So here I am what can I tell you we have made and given out this week so far. 6 loaf cakes of sticky dark gingerbread, 3 jars of orange and ginger marmalade, 36 mince pies and I have a tone of baking still to do. I thought that come this week things would have slowed down but the inevitable last minute dash has hit. The main products requests are for crayon wallets big and small along with bibs and pencil rolls. So Monday really is last and final the last absolute last day for posting in the UK. Please tell me today or tomorrow if you want something and I will do my very best for you. Now back to the oven the smell of fresh baked gingerbread is calling.
Happy weekend

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