Thursday, 14 April 2011

Lets talk Quilts

Good morning all. Quilts are on my mind at the moment they very rarely are off my mind. I have several designs in my head that I am pondering. I wanted to talk a little about why I love quilts so much.

Quilts for me are the ultimate handmade gift, Each quilt is special and unique and if made properly and looked after should last a lifetime and beyond. Quilts for me are a link with our past. Can you imagine sewing by candle light, piecing tiny scraps of cloth into the most intricate patterns?. A quilt could mean the difference between getting through winter or not. In todays modern world are quilts redundant? absolutely not if anything they keep me grounded knowing where I came from. I like to think that I carry on a tradition, yes with a modern twist on design but still retaining the essence of what makes a quilt. A quilt should be made almost like a recipe one that you can add to and bring the changes to. Quality Ingredience are the starting point. I use 100% cotton top middle and bottom, I know poly batting in cheaper but I like an all natural feel and I think our skins do too. Next you have to combine and mix your colours and patterns into a good consistency. Do you want hot and spicey? delicate and calming? bold and punchy? the combinations are endless and only limited by your imagination. and lastly you have to quilt and bind it's almost like slow cooking to develop the flavour.

A quilt is the perfect comfort when you are sad, a favourite to snuggle in while watching TV, or to gift to a new baby. A quilt is the ultimate cuddle from the thousands of women who have spent many hours crafting and loving their creations.

A question that is often asked " what would you take from your house if it were on fire"? For me my children, photo's and my quilts. I don't think a home is complete without a quilt.

Happy Thursday.

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