Monday, 11 April 2011

Shorts Please Please Please !!!!

Hello all, how are you? Saturday went well I met lots of interesting people and sold quite a few of my goodies I was happy. I arrived home feeling like an easy night but me wee laddie had other ideas. "Your craft fair over now" he said. Make me shorts now please, please, please. I tried to explain Mummy was feeling tired, but you know how it is. So I had a look in my stash found some denim and added some sock monkey in red and blue for the pockets and waist. I washed and cut out on Sunday morning and started sewing last night. Finished the hems and waist band this morning and what do you know the sun has come out. Perfect. He is pretty please with the result as am I .

Happy Monday


  1. They turned out darling! I really like the sock monkey fabric for the pockets and waistband.

  2. Thanks Cindy, I omitted the draw string and it was a bit of a fiddle getting the elastic right. But they are cute and perfect for running around in.