Wednesday, 13 July 2011

New Crayon Wallets

Hi how are you all today. I have been busy playing post lady today. Lots of parcels to deliver. But the Sun has been shining and I had 3 helpers today so we had a great adventure. First we were pirates sneaking onto treasure island and capturing the treasure. Then we were vikings setting sail on the North Sea in our handmade long Ship and lastly we were Native Americans setting up camp. All in Perthshire on a Wednesday.
But now for something new. I wanted to introduce my new crayon wallets, compact, practical and totally fun. Terrific for holiday travel, birthdays, eating out, doctors visits or even a first day at school gift.
I think I will be making a few more of these for my stall at Hopetoun House later this month but if you would like me to make you up one in different fabrics or in my larger Artist wallet style please just drop me a line. This Cat in the Hat one is on my etsy site if you are interested.
Happy Day.

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