Thursday, 25 August 2011

Custom Orders

Good morning all I suppose you have noticed that I have been posting less frequently over the last couple of weeks. I am still here but up to my eyes in it. I have taken a bit of time for myself and am feeling totally up for the run up to Christmas. Oops sorry I mentioned the C word and its still August. One of the things I have noticed is a rise in custom orders. When I have been at fairs and shows people have been so surprised that a pattern can be tweeked and adjusted to suit them even better. Another plus point of handmade. So I have been getting lots more custom requests. Here are some examples.

this lovely customer wanted the art wallet a little bit bigger to house more crayons.

This lovely customer wanted cotton flannel on the front of her little boys bibs.

And this lovely customer wanted an art wallet big enough for twistable crayons.

All in all a very positive experience for everyone. Very satisfying for me to be stretched a little.
Happy Thursday.

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