Sunday, 21 August 2011

Fayre in the Square

Hello all how are you all. I had the most brilliant day yesterday at the Fayre in the Square at Crieff. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Fayre in the Square it is the warm up day for the Crieff highland Gathering. The little square was buzzing with stalls selling soap ( I bought a few wedges my favourite is bog myrtle), cakes and fresh local produce I was not there to work but on a personal level. The sun shone and shone The Crieff High School pipe band were performing ( they were brilliant) but stealing the show were the highland dancers ( I am very bias ) we saw flings, the sword dance, Flora McDonalds fancy, Heiland Laddie and many many more exciting displays of intricate footwork well done girls you did the town proud. I spoke to people from Canada, South Africa, England and Italy all so keen to find out a bit more about our Scottish customs and traditions. Wonderful wonderful day. Makes me proud to be Scottish. My batteries are charged I had so much fun.
Have a great Sunday.

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