Thursday, 11 August 2011

How many Labels?

Oh the start of school is approaching and although I love to sew, school name labels are not my favourite thing. I have about 50 name labels to sew on as well as hems on numerous pairs of trousers. Taking waistbands in and I am still searching for grey school cardigans ( does anyone local to Perth know a shop that has them) and other uniforms. Its not like I left things too late I started in July but the shops don't seem organised themselves. On the subject of organising I am a list writer are you? I write lists for everything keeps me on track otherwise I forget. I have so many things running around up there. So what could be better for keeping all your lists and notes together but my new organiser perfect for a birthday gift or just to treat yourself. Comes complete with pockets for pad of paper, pen and vouchers, business cards, coupons etc. Its listed in my shop if your interested. And now that I can tick write blog post off my list I will get onto the next job.
Happy Thursday.

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