Saturday, 11 December 2010

Saturday Sewing or not

Way hey so last night I finely started doing some personal sewing I have been so looking forward to it. So there I was happy as Larry getting on with project number 1 when my very precious sewing machine started making a noise. Just typing that word makes me very nervous I had to stop and start to check her over I couldn't do anything. I felt so helpless. I am sorry if this sounds a little over dramatic but if you are a creative type i think you will understand. So I wavered about if I should send her for a service or not. I am worried about the weather and the road conditions because I need to send the machine to Edinburgh. So I got up with the intention of phoning to arrange collection and with the prospect of no sewing for at least 10 days and quite possibly longer. The courier was not able to give me a morning or afternoon time slot so I can't send the machine at all. But Pat at the sewing machine shop where I bought my machine gave me some pointers as to what I could try just to get through the Christmas period . I have been working on her for a while and I think the noise is not quite so bad. So gingerly I have been slow sewing and this is where I have got so far.
Happy Saturday.

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