Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Made by Mum at Home

Good morning to you all it is still freezing up here but the show goes on. I wanted to tell you all about a little idea that is brewing in my head. This year I have done a couple of Made by Mum at home parties they have been great fun and very rewarding and then on Saturday I was asked by a lovely lady if I would be interested in letting other people sell my lovely products on commission? This made me start to think, I have not worked everything out as yet but I think it could be a great way of getting my work out there but keeping that personal feel that is soo important to me. So now I am looking for some very special people who would be interested in doing this, you could earn some money for yourself while being an at home Mum, sell to your workmates, friends and family even the local toddler or playgroups. The list of possible places and people is quite extensive and my products are so different and special that in the right peoples hands I think it could be a winner. If you are interested in talking to me about it or know someone who would be please get in touch by emailing me.

Happy wednesday.

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