Monday, 27 December 2010

Made by Mum Sale Ends 5th January

Hello how are you all doing exhausted I bet. However the week between Christmas and New year are so slow and relaxing you should hopefully get a chance to put your feet up. I am planning on finishing my Dr Seuss quilt and do a bit of sales shopping, I always use this time to get a little a head . Which reminds me the Made by Mum sale will continue until the 5th of January or until I run out of sale goodies. I am trying to make space for some lovely new goodies for 2011. I have backpacks, fabric baskets and some chef sets all reduced please look through my previous posts and email me with your choices. Happy shopping and relaxing.


  1. wow your going to be very busy! good luck x

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  2. Your blog is cute, hop you get some sales.

  3. Hi there....Lovely blog ! I am now a follower Naomi xx

  4. Hi Missy, serendipitychild and Naomi you are all most welcome thanks for stopping by I hope you come back often.