Thursday, 7 October 2010

Be Organised

2 posts in one day when I am up to my eyes. I just wanted to let you in on a conversation I have just had with one of my lovely customers. It went something like this I would like to buy a chef set and bib in x fabric that I saw on your blog a while ago, I reply I don't have any of that fabric left I sold out several weeks ago. Customer disappointed but managed to find an equally fab fabric that she liked and custom order underway.
Please please please if there is something you like and would like to buy shout out, handmade is not the same as mass produced I have limited runs on fabrics and once its gone its gone. And although I love to do custom orders for people, on the run up to christmas with the mass of events I have scheduled I don't anticipate having that much time. It was lucky this time as afore mentioned lovely customer was flexible in her fabric choice. The lesson is don't be shy.
Happy Thursday evening.

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