Monday, 11 October 2010

Highland Baby Show, I'm back

What a weekend I am totally exhausted. I left Perth early on Saturday Morning and arrived at Eden Court Inverness at about 8.20. Eden Court was a very impressive venue with beautiful views over the river. The actual show was really busy with so many cute babies and funky prams on show. I met lots of funny and interesting people. In my rush I forgot my camera otherwise I would have some photos for you.
From a business point of view it was great I made lots of contacts and sold quite a bit. On the down side I missed my own family and going back to a hotel at the end the day instead of home to kiss and cuddle my own children was pretty hard.
So now I move onto the next on the list which I am soo excited about and nervous THE COUNTRY LIVING CHRISTMAS SHOW at the SECC Glasgow ahh, I have a mege amount of sewing and prep to do so I must be off. Happy Monday.

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