Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Mini Eco revolution

One of the most interesting and positive things that I noticed over the weekend was the changing of peoples attitudes towards reusable products. Real nappies were once seen as old fashioned and inconvenient, however large numbers of soon to be mums were queuing for information and supplies for their soon to be born baby. The nappies themselves were soo cute and soft as well as functional. From a financial prospectus they make lots of sense too as well as reducing our landfill waste.
My little contribution to reusable products were warmly received my little packs of eco facial pads went down a storm and my bamboo wash cloths nearly sold out. So all in all a mini eco revolution may have started in the Highlands.
Happy Tuesday.

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  1. That's nice to hear! We cloth diapered all our babies. With our oldest, everyone though we were nuts but by the time our youngest was born, several of our friends were interested in trying them.