Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A New Sock Monkey Shirt

Good morning all. The summer party season is in full swing. My kids have several dates lined up over the next few weeks. So a new shirt was needed for my older boy. He choose the fabric himself and I did the rest. I have learned a lot from sewing this shirt and am quite pleased with the way it turned out. Not perfect by any means but not too bad. I hung the shirt up on the door handle of his cupboard while he was sleeping ( I finished it quite late) I was hoping he would get a little surprise when he got up and that I would be in his good books. However I heard nothing except lego being played with . I though maybe he hasn't seen it. So I ask did you see that Mummy has finished your shirt? Yes he said thank you. What is it with boys they just don't get the clothes thing at all. When I do the same thing for my girls I think people at the other side of town can hear them they get soo excited. However he has worn it several times and I did hear him tell his friend yes my Mummy made it. So maybe he's leaping about on the inside.

Happy Tuesday

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