Thursday, 12 May 2011

Momentrepreneurs Thursday Thoughts

I have noticed this term coming into common usage more and more often. It's a term I am comfortable with ( with Mummy instead of Mom for me) I have never liked to call myself a business person it seems a bit male. I think the addition of Mummy in there is so important for me. Being a Mummy is the most important and valuble thing I will ever do. But I also have a creative drive.
Being a full time mother and running a handmade business is soo much more demanding and challenging than I ever imagined. Late night,early mornings. Dreaming designs and never having a moment to just breath can take a toll. So why do I do it? Life would be so much easier if I had a part time job, got childcare and a part time cleaner. I would get regular wages, time away from the monkey's, payed holidays etc etc.
The answer is love. I love my children so much I love being a mummy even when it's tough. I want to be there in the bad moments as well as the good. I would never want to pass that on to anyone. Being a Mummy has made me a better person and has taught me much more than any career. My love for creating is just an extention of that. I created for my kids way before I started making and selling for others. My children inspire me, keep me moving forward and are the most honest critiques you could ever meet.
If it wasn't difficult everyone would be doing it, right?
so three cheers to all the Momentrepreneurs may the juggling continue.


  1. As someone who went on maternity leave 22 years ago and never went back, I agree that being a mum is the most important job I have ever done. Even now I feel it's important for my kids that I'm always around. It's easy to belittle what you do in the creative sphere and to think 'I just make stuff'. A friend recently told me I should describe myself as an Artisan/Business women. Sounds pretty grand eh ?

  2. Being a mom has taught me many things I would have never considered otherwise! Love the Momentrepreneur!