Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Orders to Go

Good morning all. Just a quick post this morning I have a lot to get done today. Have been up since 5.15 this morning and am on track if I don't sit down, pause, go to the loo or day dream. I have been packing up a nice order this morning among other things and just as I was about to close the box I took a look at all the pretty colours and just had to take a photo. I still find it a little difficult to let go of my creations and this order looked so Spring like I am glad I took a pic.

Got to go now, happy Wednesday


  1. You're right - it look lovely. But hopefully all your hard work will be going to a lovely home.
    Missed you at the Baby show last weekend - it was too good weather to be sitting inside anyway!

  2. Hi Moira How did you do I was thinking about you?

  3. Lovely and colourful! It's lovely to be up and about working early at this time of the year; I'm always more productive through the months of May to October.I hope you do well at the Fair.

  4. Hi Rachael. I am an early bird always have been I do sew into the night but that is more of a logistical issue. Thanks for the vote of confidence for the fair. I love doing fairs.